Welcome to the gallery.

With the development of digital media and the fast increasing number of people owning broadband internet connections the role of the cyber space as a huge and easily accessible library of information has become more important than ever.

We took this opportunity to master and publish our virtual gallery. The concept was to create experience for our visitors similar to the one of visiting a real city gallery.

The gallery's building consists of two levels, ground floor and first floor. The ground floor accommodates our permanent photo exhibitions. The first floor (under development) is reserved for our guest artists, temporary shows and illustration art exhibitions. Here also is situated the gallery's shop where our visitors could acquire high quality prints of their favourite works.

To explore the gallery is simple. Point the mouse pointer to the left or right sides of your screen and navigate through the gallery's space. Use the escalator or lift to move to the first floor.

As you walk through the gallery you have the possibility to visit each of the running exhibitions.

We hope you will enjoy the show and become our regular visitor!